Pinto Galli

June 3, 2023

Trinidad, Polen, Madagaskar, Brasilien, Südafrika, Hawaii, USA.. Pinto Galli spielte Musik von der halben Erdkugel – und alles hatte Soul. Wieder einmal ein Beweis, wie breit und umfassend dieses Genre ist. Hauptsache es berührt. Eine schöne und bereichernde Sendung war's. Obrigada! 🎶🖤

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Tracklist Soul Sketches, 03.06.23 w/ Pinto Galli

  • JFD - Elsworth James – Calypso Music
  • Grupa ABC Andrzeja Nebeskiego – Przeminęło Z Wiatrem Tyle Dni (So Many Days Gone With The Wind)
  • Nonato Buzar – Verão Vermelho
  • Justin Marc – This Is My Soul
  • The Family – Is This The Thing?
  • Okmalumkoolkat – Allblackblackkat
  • +Henning horcht: Lani Kai – The Poor People
  • Iron Knowledge – Oh-Love
  • Danny Hunt – What's Happening To Our Love Affair
  • Mary Lou Williams – It Ain't Necessarily So

Nailing Pinto Galli musically would hurt him terribly. For him, music and love are equivalent. Pinto has the ability to tangibly describe how he feels about a song, living the cheer when the music muse kisses him and transmitting the momentum to anyone within reach. Music lovers (and other fellows) like to spend quality time with Pinto and pick up his insatiable and childlike curiosity. He's also mastered the art of not blushing when he pulls out his Shazaam. Because he has to know. Enjoy his Selector‘s Choice Mix he did exclusively for Soul Sketches.

Tracklist Selector’s Choice w/ Pinto Galli

  • The Rationals – Glowin'
  • The Stepkids – La La
  • Fantastics – Summertime
  • Johnny Strapp – Everybody Is Trying To Play Somebody
  • Jon Lucien – Search For The Inner Self
  • Maurice Rodgers – Coming In Out Of The Rain
  • Eddie Lovette – What'Cha Trying To Do To Me
  • Audrey Royal – Super Sexy Soul Man
  • Chuck Bridges And The L.A. Happening – Keep Your Faith Baby
  • Kalyan – What We Gonna Do Next
  • Jr Tucker – Take A Message (From My Body)
  • Kauê – Sentindo-se Bem
  • Old (M) Pressions – Right On
  • Mark V Unlimited – Gone!
  • Chrystian – Swingin'
  • Frankie Staton And Speckled Rainbow – Love One Another
  • Mark Putney – Don't Come Around Here Anymore
  • Soul Shouting Tommy – I'm The Man
  • O'Donel Levy – Hey, Love!
  • Peter Brown – Without Love