Fabian Bohl

September 3, 2022

Here is the first episode of Soul Sketches, aired September 3rd on Radio X. It was a true pleasure to have a candid conversation with my studio guest Fabian Bohl, who dared to pass the test with me, and to listen to beautiful pieces out of his amazing record collection. Please also check Fabian’s episode of «Selector’s Choice», also archived here.

Fabian on Instagram

Tracklist Soul Sketches /w Fabian Bohl, 03.09.22

  • Sam Dees – Lonely For You Baby (SSS International)
  • Gloria Jones – Tainted Love (Champion)
  • The Magnificents – There Can Be A Better Way (MAM Magnificent)
  • Barbara Lynn – Trying To Love Two (Ichiban)
  • Tommy Navarro – I Cried My Life Away (De Jac)
  • Mickie Champion – What Good Am I (Without You) (Musette)
  • J. J. Barnes – Snow Flakes (Volt)
  • Lee Brackett – Ruby (Excello)
  • + Henning horcht: Why – Disco La La (Meteor)
  • The Adorables – Ooh, Boy! (Golden World)
  • Bob Stan – Funny (EMI)
  • Freddy King – One Hundred Years (Federal)
  • The Vals – I'm Stepping Out With My Memories (Ascot)
  • Soul Communicaters – Those Lonely Nights (Fee Bee)

Tracklist Selector’s Choice
w/ Fabian Bohl

  • Mighty Lovers – Ain't Gonna Run No More (Soulhawk)
  • Sebastian Williams – Get Your Point Over (Ovide)
  • Eula Cooper – Try (Tragar)
  • Guitar Ray – You're Gonna Wreck My Life (Shagg)
  • Gene Toones – What More Do You Want (Simco)
  • Carol Anderson – Taking My Mind Off Love (Whip)
  • The Temptones – Girl I Love You (Arctic)
  • Cleveland Robinson Jnr – Love Is A Trap (Nosnibor)
  • The Sparkles – Try Love (One More Time)
  • The M.B.'s – Another Day (B-Jet)
  • Chuck Cockerham – Have I Got A Right (Mala)
  • Paul Thompson – Special Kind Of Woman (Volt)
  • Carl Hall – What About You (Columbia)
  • LaShawn Collins – What You Gonna Do Now (Sincere)
  • Little Nicky Soul – I Wanted To Tell You (Shee)
  • Adam's Apples – Don't Take It Out On This World (Brunswick)
  • The Cashmeres – Show Stopper (Hem)
  • 21st Century – Shadow Of A Memory (Dot)
  • Celest Hardie – You're Gone (Reynolds)
  • Tee Fletcher – All Because Of You (Tragar)
  • Nabay – Believe It Or Not (Impact)
  • Lenny Curtis – Nothing Can Help You Now (End)
  • The Phonetics – Just A Boy's Dream (Trudel)
  • Dena Barnes – If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life (Inferno)
  • Jack Montgomery – Dearly Beloved (Scepter)
  • Bobby Kline – Say Something Nice To Me (MB)
  • Soul Bros. Inc. – Pyramid (Golden Eye)